Screening and Concert: Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present

JAN 12, 2018, 7:30PM

Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present

Followed by music from Jochen Arbeit, Stephen O'Malley, and Jan St. Werner


January 12, 2018

Volksbühne Berlin, Main Stage

Linienstraße 227

10178 Berlin, Germany



7:30PM: Tyler Hubby, Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present, USA/UK, 2016, HD, colour, sound, 98 min. After the screening, Tyler Hubby (film director), Paul Williams (producer) and Rosa Barba (artist) will be joined in conversation by Christian Morin (music curator, Volksbühne) and Giulio Bursi (film curator, Volksbühne).


10:15PM: Jochen Arbeit’s Amplified Drone Strings Quartet with Jochen Arbeit (bowed guitar), Munsha (cello, FX), Martina Bertoni (cello, FX ), and Hopek Quirin (bass, FX ).


11:15PM: Stephen O’ Malley


Roter Salon, 12:00PM: Jan St. Werner DJ set


Curated by Giulio Bursi and Christian Morin