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David Korty

November 14 – December 20, 2003

The Greene Naftali Gallery is pleased to announce their second exhibition of paintings by David Korty.  Opening on Friday, November 14th, the show will present new work by the LA-based artist.


The exhibition presents large-scale paintings which depict scenes of urban life in and around Los Angeles.  Although Korty works from snapshots, the images do not seem burned on the canvas with the certainty and finality of a photograph.  While based firmly in reality, in the legacy of the plein-air painters, the carefully constructed paintings are transparent, dissolving.  Flecks and splatters of paint, pencil lines and geometric shapes delicately congeal, yet it is the way they dissipate, unfold and elaborate under inspection that makes them unquestionably compelling.  Korty has created an aggregate of details whose whole is greater than the sum of the parts. 


While all these places are ones which Korty has inhabited, they feel imagined, as if cloaked in a haze of false memory.  His pastel and neon palate captures the light of the Southern California sun as much as it does the glow of florescent lighting.  And Korty’s colors, which are at times even noxious, are more than appropriate for depicting his hometown, where beauty and vanity often do reach lethal levels. 


David Korty received a BFA from RISD in 1993 and an MFA from UCLA in 1998.  Since then his work has been the subject of five solo exhibitions, in LA as well as New York and London.


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