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June 27 – August 9, 2013


June 27 – August 9, 2013


Greene Naftali Gallery is pleased to present Freak Out. This dynamic exhibition of 34 artists offers an expansive view of contemporary practices: from sculptures whose abject aesthetic challenges commodity, to sleek animations with aggressive undertones; from painting that elegantly combines invention and an embrace of art history, to performances that occupy advanced reaches of current technology and flirt at the edge of comfort. Exhibiting artists range from recent graduates of the Städelschule in Frankfurt, many of whom will be showing for the first time in New York; to Koki Tanaka, the representing artist of Japan in the 55th Venice Biennale. Also on view are works by established artists whose practices are either reflected in or denied by the emergent generation. The opening reception will feature a performance to evolve into a product by Marie Karlberg, a muse of the downtown New York scene, in collaboration with artist Lena Henke. Additional performances to take place throughout the course of the exhibition will be by Stefan Tcherepnin and Anne Imhof. Freak Out aims to demonstrate the broad array of strategies that contemporary artists develop in relation to art historical legacies, as well as the operations of the art world they inhabit.



Patrick Armstrong              Anne Imhof                       Avery Singer

Trisha Baga                        Lisa Jo                              Koki Tanaka

Benjamin Carlson              Marie Karlberg                   Stefan Tcherepnin

Ian Cheng                          Gavin Kenyon                    Stewart Uoo

Caleb Considine                Andrei Koschmieder          Andra Ursuta

Verena Dengler                 Caitlin MacBride                Alterazioni Video

Tim Eastman                      Mathieu Malouf                 Antek Walczak

Genoveva Filipovic            Ben Morgan-Cleveland      Colin Whitaker, Anina Trösch

Wade Guyton                    Sam Pulitzer                       Inga Danysz

Rachel Harrison                George Rippon                   Phillip Zach

Lena Henke                       Julia Rommel                     Anna Zacharoff


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