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Blind Sculpture

January 28 – February 27, 2010

For their exhibition at Greene Naftali, Gelitin will transform the gallery into a podium.


Gelitin will build a big sculpture.

At the opening they will be working all evening on the sculpture.

The following 10 days they will be working on the sculpture in the afternoons, early evenings.

The visitors can watch the happening of the sculpture.


Gelitin will be working on the sculpture blindfolded.

Working blindfolded is never a sensation, it is just a fact.

They will never see the sculpture until it is finished.

The sculpture will stay for the rest of the show.


Gelitin will be assisted by very very professional assistants who hand them ideas, nails, tape, glue, conversation, things, guide them to the ladder and hold the scaffolding.


Gelitin’s assistants are:  Rita Ackermann, Rey Akdogan, Karen Azoulay, Francisca Benitez, Cecily Brown, Lucy Dodd Indiana, Cheryl Donegan, Jim Drain, Urs Fischer, Rainer Ganahl, Liam Gillick, K8 Hardy, Maria Hassabi, Laura Kaplan, Kika Karadi, Jon Kessler, David LaChapelle, Christopher Lucas, Tony Matelli, Adam McEwen, Sarah Mitchell, Slava Mogutin, Rob Pruitt, Chris Rosa, Marina Rosenfeld, Tom Sachs, Lucien Samaha, Jason Schmidt, Gedi Sibony, Junah Sibony, Amy Sillman, Michael Smith, Agathe Snow, Casey Spooner, Paige Stevenson, Jaiko Suzuki, Spencer Sweeney, Piotr Uklanski, Leilah Weinraub, Andrew WK, XXX Macarena (Tony Conrad, Jutta Koether, John Miller, and Greg Parma Smith) and Bree Zucker.


Performance Times:   Thursday, January 28th 6-8PM (Opening Reception)

                                    Friday, January 29th 3-7PM

                                    Saturday, January 30th 3-8PM


                                    Tuesday, February 2nd 3-7PM

                                    Wednesday, February 3rd 3-7PM

                                    Thursday, February 4th 3-7PM

                                    Friday, February 5th 3-7PM

                                    Saturday, February 6th 3-7PM


Come see this show.

Tell your mother about it and please bring your friends.




In cooperation with the AFCNY (Austrian Cultural Forum). 


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