Michael Krebber
C-A-N-V-A-S, Uhutrust, Jerry Magoo and guardian.co.uk Paintings

Greene Naftali, New York

Press Release

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Michael Krebber, C-A-N-V-A-S Painting 12, 2011, Acrylic on linen, 55 x 42 inches

Michael Krebber arrived at his temporary studio, housed in the same building as Greene Naftali Gallery, several weeks before the opening of the present exhibition, with the content of several blogs printed out in his suitcase. Working within a highly circumscribed packet of time, Krebber copied selections from these blog pages onto appropriately proportioned canvases.

C-A-N-V-A-S, an acronym for Corpse After Negating Visual Art Strategies, and Jerry Magoo are both anonymous blogs, the first based in Brussels and the second in New York, with which former students of Krebber at the Staedelschule in Frankfurt-am-Main are involved. Written from the perspective of young artists currently emerging in the gallery circuit, both blogs are known for posting vitriolic commentary on contemporary art exhibitions, which Krebber frequently passes along to his e-mail list of current students.

Uhutrust is the personal blog of Michaela Eichwald, an associate of Krebber since the early 1990s and now a Berlin-based artist represented by Reena Spaulings Fine Art (New York), Dependance (Brussels),a and Vilma Gold (London). Since the posts which Krebber had planned to paint have been deleted due to controversial content, the Uhutrust paintings in the present exhibition take the form of blanks.

The Guardian.co.uk art blog is written by Jonathan Jones, who posted a negative review of an exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery by Mark Leckey, a London-based artist represented by Gavin Brown’s Enterprise (New York), Cabinet Gallery (London) and Galerie Daniel Buchholz (Cologne and Berlin). This review, published on May 23, 2011, has generated 308 posts to date in the Comments section of the blog, including interventions by the artist under his own name.

By parasitizing the negative socio-

pedagogical influence networked painting, Krebber


to hasten collapse.

This exhibition is presented simultaneously with “Here Comes the Sons,” at Real Fine Arts, 673 Meeker Ave., Brooklyn, October 22 – November 20.


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