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January 18 – February 23, 2002

January 18 * February 23, 2002

Opening evening 6-8


This exhibition will present a group of pictures, which examine the way we create meaning in our social and personal worlds. These pictures which encompass the practical, the historical, the sociological, the poetic and the psychological serve as a philosophical platform for how a broader world view is formed that has its basis in our daily realities.


Dan Graham

Rineke Dijkstra

Felix Gonzales-Torres

Odili Donald Odita

Stan Douglas

Thomas Demand

Rachel Harrison

Roe Ethridge

Joachim Koester

Stephen Shore

David Goldblatt

Paul Pfeiffer

Paul Graham

Ian Kiaer

Josef Strau 

Efrat Shvily 

Francis Alÿs

Kelly Nipper

Robert Ryman

Nikki S. Lee

Michael Snow

Candida Höfer 


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