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Installation view, Snowflake Office, Greene Naftali, New York, 1999

Monika Baer - Alice Creischer - Stefan Ettlinger - Rupert Huber - Denise Lasagni - Erik van Lieshout - Aribert von Ostrowski - Stefan Römer - Dierk Schmidt - Andreas Siekmann - Josef Strau - Ingo Vetter - Annette Weisser - Amelie von Wulffen

Curated by Clemens Krümmel


Snowflake Office was originally founded by Clemens Krümmel in 1998 to conceptualize and organize of a series of seven consecutive exhibitions at Ursula Walbrol Gallery in Dusseldorf, Germany. Initially five artists were invited to participate and asked to propose other artists for collaborations. Eventually a loosely-knit network of fourteen artists from the Benelux-Dusseldorf-Cologne-Berlin areas got together. This self-organized temporary think-tank included painters, sculptors, video artists, and neo-conceptualists, who in some cases had cooperated before and in others had actually never met, discussed and worked on different specific fields.

The exhibitions presented work which renewed a critical discussion challenging the current conditions of artistic production, consumption, and exhibition in the art world. Themes were further developed which addressed the influence of global and specifically European politics in the art world and political perspectives were taken in work dealing with issues of urbanization, public space and architecture.

The show in its present "collective" fourteen-person version at Greene Naftali Gallery does for the first time offer the opportunity of an ad hoc retro-perspective of the whole series of exhibitions and will not only present collaborations but also paintings, drawings, sculptures, videos and installations by all of the above mentioned artists that were conceived and chosen for this specific exhibition.

*Foot (with Jim Dunbar, Don Fleming & Thurston Moore) and Actress (with Spencer, Amy & Hillary) play noise & music on the eve of the opening at 8pm.


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