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Super Freaks Part II: Odyssey

March 21 – April 18, 1998

For immediate release:




PART I:  TRASH                                                           PART II:  ODYSSEY

2/7-3/15                                                                         3/21-4/18

Opens Saturday, February 7th 6-8 PM                         Opens Saturday, March 21st 6-8 PM


            This exhibition gathers together a group of artists who investigate pop culture with an aggressive and often euphoric attitude.   Pop icons, modes of production, systems of representation and market strategies are subverted and embraced with an explosive and critical character.  From Michael Jackson to late night humor, the pop media is ripe with material for artists to manipulate; super models, MTV, network television, comics, tattoos, advertisements, Hollywood, tabloids, sports, techno and rock are easy targets.  The form of the work is just as diverse as the subject matter and often mirrors the source.  The exhibitions will include video, photography, drawing, magazines, books, posters, commercial display, performance, installation and sculpture.


            TRASH & ODYSSEY reflect the stylistic orientation of the artists and divide the exhibition into two parts.  The artists in TRASH slum for their subjects in work characterized by collage, comics, psychadelia, hallucination, pornography, desperation and black humor. The aesthetic is littered freely with street and sexual references.  The artists in ODYSSEY are the product of a digital culture and explore the psychological and technical frontiers of a current visual territory.   The work carries a utopian promise but also promotes isolation, alienation, and abstraction.  Digital images, computer tools and corporate systems mark the work of these artists.  The fleshy raunchy character of TRASH is supplanted by the cool, clean aura of ODYSSEY.  Although different postures are taken, the exhibitions register a cross referencing of discursive possibilities, from feminist and political concerns to Warholism and, of course, the requisite sheer fandom.


TRASH                                                                       ODYSSEY

Fiona Banner                                                              Dike Blair

Stacy Greene                                                             Yvette Brackman

Simon Grennan & Christopher Sperandio                 Robert Davies

Hanayo                                                                      Laura Emrick

Rachel Harrison                                                         Richard Hamilton

Jonathan Horowitz                                                     Scott Hug

Cameron Jamie                                                         Craig Kalpakjian

Karen Kilimnik                                                           Julian LaVerdiere

Alix Stewart Lambert                                                 Adam McEwen

Josephine Meckseper - FAT                                     Jeff Nelson

Chris Moore                                                               Daniel Pflumm

Rob Pruitt                                                                   Blake Rayne

Guy Richards Smit                                                    Gerwald Rockenschaub

Daniela Rossell                                                         Ruth Root

Pieter Schoolwerth                                                    Marina Rosenfeld

Michael Smith & Joshua White w/ Karen Heimann   Dirk Westphal

Piotr Uklanski                                                             Erwin Wurm                

Elizabeth Wright                                                         

Thomas Zummer


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