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Monika Baer: Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst

→ January 20, 2021

The Way We Are 2.0 , February 2020 – January 2021

The Way We Are 2.0 

February 2020 – January 2021


This group exhibition brings together more than 180 works from more than 100 artists, including Monika Baer. Thematic spaces arise from such perspectives as artistic approaches to identity or traditions of landscape, a varied play with everyday life or aspects of urban life, the meaning of coincidence or of the body, minimalist tendencies or social resistance.


The exhibition format The Way We Are is designed as a multi-part series, which is brought to life once a year in an extensive variation. Works migrate from one thematic space to another, disappear for a certain time or make their first appearance. Constellations of works are shuffled; thematic assertions are reworked and artists’ spaces are installed. The result is an unexpected manner of reading contemporary art from the 1960s to today across all the media. It is fed by a large number of private collections, by our own holdings and by loans from artists.

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