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Special Event: Haegue Yang

Fondazione Furla and La Triennale di Milano

November 4, 2018

Sunday, November 4, 6.30 pm, Encountering Isang Yun 

Sunday, November 4, 6.30 pm

Encountering Isang Yun 

A conversation-concert of Isang Yun’s music

with Elena Abbado (musicologist) and Francesco Dillon (cellist) 


October, 8 -  Until November 4 at the Trinnale di Milano, it is still possible to visit  Haegue Yang: Tightrope Walking and Its Wordless Shadow, an exhibition curated by Bruna Roccasalva and organized by Fondazione Furla and La Triennale di Milano.

Tightrope Walking and Its Wordless Shadow, which marks Yang’s first institutional solo show in Italy, will explore the vast array of media employed by the artist, ranging from paper collage, video essays, and performative sculptures to large-scale installations. Yang’s spectrum of allusions and visions walks a thin line between social inquiry and history, personal life and collective memory, yielding imagery and experiences of enormous evocative power, in which objects, figures, and places are inextricably linked.

From the minimalist approach of the first room to the lush exuberance of the last, by the way of the multisensory installation Cittadella (2011), the exhibition reflects the different extremes that are touched by Yang’s ongoing process of experimentation, where chance encounters with an object or material are prone to generate unexpected forms, emotions, and narratives, and where the rejection of entrenched ideas always opens up new perspectives.

Edited by Bruna Roccasalva and published by Skira, a fully illustrated anthology has been conceived in bilingual edition (English/Italian), in conjunction with this exhibition. The anthology includes a total of 14 of the most significant essays and in-depth interviews on the artist’s work from 2006 to 2018, and features a large selection of images of landmark pieces and works on display. The book will be available under the same title as this exhibition, Haegue Yang: Tightrope Walking and Its Wordless Shadow.


Sunday November 4, on the occasion of the finissage, the conversation-concert Encountering Isang Yun, dedicated to the Korean composer Isang Yun (1917-1995) will take place in the exhibition rooms. The cellist Francesco Dillon will perform the piece Glissées (1970) and, along with the musicologist Elena Abbado, will introduce the work of Isang Yun.


Furthermore, every weekend special guided tours and educational workshops are available (booking required) for families, led by the Education Department of La Triennale di Milano.

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