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Talk: Alexander Alberro, Dan Graham, and Nicolás Guagnini

APR 29, 2018, 3PM

A Talk: "Tres amigos y la musica"

A Talk: "Tres amigos y la musica"
Alexander Alberro, Dan Graham, and Nicolás Guagnini


Sunday, April 29, 3–4PM


3A Gallery
629 E. 6th Street #1
New York, NY


I am delighted to announce this talk on the occasion of Nicolás Guagnini's show "The Walrus" at 3A Gallery.


“ I am he as you are he as you are me / And we are all together ”


What a peculiar poem. To me, it's too optimistic that say "And we are all together," very utopia; I don't like the idea "utopia." I don't believe it. 


However, being in a band would be everybody's dream, don't you think? 


Musical audiences understood musicians more than their parents. 


Audiences listen to the music, then deeply think about the lyrics, and they are emotional about it. 


Audiences see that the musician as an icon. 


I don't need to say anything more because of Dan Graham's "Rock My Religion" explained everything. 


But, we still need to discuss bands, and music because out understanding never stops, and we are all involved in the culture and the society; we are still alive. 


I'm glad to have this occasion the talk of these three amazing people, each having completely different positions and of different origin. 


Canadian, American, and Argentina will talk about it. It's very New York, which is a melting pot. They are friends. 

Mieko Meguro
April 2018


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Image: Dan Graham, Rock My Religion, 1984 (still)

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