Alex Israel b. 1982, Los Angeles

Les presses du réel, Paris.



456 pages

7.67 x 10 in


Artist Page

Alex Israel

Throughout his career, Alex Israel has used the city of Los Angeles as both iconographic source and main subject. This publication, a monograph dedicated to the California artist, offers a chronological overview of Israel's heterogeneous projects—paintings, flashmobs, a brand of eyewear and its related advertising, a talk show, interviews, webseries, sculptures, a movie—each introduced by a short text from the artist. A remarkably coherent body of work emerges out of the varying individual pieces, from Israel's first “documented” exhibitions to his more recent ones. This cohesion is not acquired through the permanence of a medium, but through a continuity within the body of work’s history. Above all, b. 1982 means being 30 in 2012—Thirty is the title he gave that year to his exhibition at Almine Rech Gallery in Paris—and consequently knowing both the art and its industry of this specific time. This subtitle points to being an artist from that generation confronting the art field from a Hollywood perspective, which is its absolute reality.


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