At Z33, Hasselt | JUSTIN CAGUIAT

Justin Caguiat, Installation view, Leaps of Faith, Z33, Hasselt, 2024

On view in Leaps of Faith

Z33, Hasselt
Mar 31 – Aug 25, 2024

Justin Caguiat's 2019 painting Blue Madonna's Material Cell is currently on view in the group exhibition Leaps of Faith at Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium.

"Modern Western art carries a religious legacy even if its primary purpose isn’t religious. The influence of religion is evident in the symbolism of art and the unique status attributed to artworks. Art, like religion, can connect realms: the material to the spiritual, the earthly to the transcendent, and the finite to the infinite. Its religious roots are never lurking far from the surface.

Leaps of Faith explores the relationship between faith and contemporary art. How do we navigate the uncertainties of life? What gives us structure and comfort? For many artists, the significance of faith extends beyond its religious meaning. Faith is about our relationship to the unknown and the unknowable; about doubt and conviction; about what you cannot know but perhaps can feel. In this sense, faith – like art – represents a leap into the unknown."

More information is available on the exhibition's website.


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