JACQUELINE HUMPHRIES on view at Tate Modern | Painterly Gestures

Jacqueline Humphries, ~?j.h%, 2018. Oil on linen, 100 x 111 inches (254 x 281.9 cm)

JACQUELINE HUMPHRIES in Painterly Gestures | Tate Modern, London, UK

Humphries' 2018 work, ~?j.h%, is currently on view at Tate Modern in the group exhibition Painterly Gestures.

From the museum:

The rise of abstraction in 20th-century art opened up new possibilities for painters. They could now convey meaning without having to depict recognisable figures, actions or emotions. Instead they could express themselves freely through brushstrokes or colour alone. Some articulated their inner mental states through the gestures they used to apply paint onto the canvas. Others experimented with materials, giving depth and texture to the surface of their paintings. The years following the Second World War saw a particular growth in these forms of abstraction across the globe, with movements spanning from abstract expressionism in North America to the avant-garde group Gutai in Japan.

Over time, many painters have also confronted the spread of image-making technologies and what they mean for traditional art forms. To create her recent paintings, Jacqueline Humphries combines analogue and digital techniques. She makes works that show her hybrid creative process through overlapping layers and surfaces that vibrate and shimmer like video screens.

Jacqueline Humphries, Installation view, Tate Modern, London, 2024


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