On View at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art | TONY COKES and TONY CONRAD

Tony Cokes, Evil.35: Carlin / Owners, 2012

TONY COKES and TONY CONRAD on view in The Irreplaceable Human

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk, Denmark
Nov 23, 2023 — Apr 1, 2024

With works by more than 60 artists, this large-scale, interdisciplinary exhibition seeks to define the phenomenon of creativity from a broad, humanistic perspective. What are the conditions for creativity in society today? And is there reason to fear that artificial intelligence will take over and surpass human creative abilities?

The exhibition, The Irreplaceable Human – Conditions of Creativity in the Age of AI, aims to create the foundation for a conversation about the role of creativity in our society – and thus also for a discussion about what is really valuable to us. The exhibition presents works by more than 60 artists – with the main emphasis on art from the past 20 years – combined with references to cultural history, science, and literature.

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