On view at Kunsthaus Baselland | TONY COKES

Installation view, Rewilding, Kunsthaus Baselland, Münchenstein/Basel, Switzerland, 2024. Photo: Finn Curry

TONY COKES in collaboration with MOS Architects NYC, now on view in Rewilding, the opening exhibition of the new Kunsthaus Baselland in Basel, Switzerland.

Apr 13–Aug 18, 2024
Kunsthaus Baselland
Münchenstein/Basel, Switzerland

Curated by Ines Goldbach

At the very start of the exhibition's planning, US artist TONY COKES was asked to create a work specifically for the relocated Kunsthaus Baselland that references the new location as well as the curatorial program. After several preliminary discussions with Ines Goldbach, the artist developed this new four-part work. For the first time, Cokes is collaborating with MOS Architects from New York City. Building on the idea that the Kunsthaus should not only be a place to view art, but also a space where people can meet, exchange ideas, discuss, read or have a coffee, the temporality of the place is vitally important to Cokes. What is this place now, what will or can it become—and what could it become over time?

For more information, please visit the Kunsthaus Baselland's website.


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