PAUL CHAN awarded 2022 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship

Paul Chan, Artist, 2022 MacArthur Fellow, New York, NY. Ⓒ John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

PAUL CHAN awarded 2022 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship

Greene Naftali is thrilled to congratulate PAUL CHAN on being named a 2022 MacArthur Foundation Fellow. The MacArthur Fellowship is awarded annually by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to extraordinarily talented and creative individuals in all fields of endeavor as an investment in their potential.

"I admire works that say and mean nothing in particular. What sets them apart?" Chan has asked. "They tend to manifest a desperate immanence, as if what is expressed is not good enough, but will have to do. They seize time the way a beat possesses a song, to evoke the vertiginous feeling of seeing something emerge by being made and unmade at the same instant. They last as experiences by not staying whole as forms. They radiate an inner irreconcilability about what they are and what they want to be with unrestrained abandon, which is as close as it comes to an honest insight about the plight of living today. This radiance is what makes them pleasurable. Lively. But this is also why they rarely console, as art perhaps ought to, in these great times. They remain, in the end, comfortless. Why? They remind us of just how little time there is left—for anyone—of all that has been lost, how close it all is from disappearing, and what it takes to go on."


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